As God continues to bring about wonderful opportunities for the Park Place to grow we do not want to be tied down to this debt. Placing this significant amount of money toward our current debt will alleviate our current debt and free up over $140,000 in our annual budget each year.

This freedom will allow for more effective ministry opportunities in the future.



To renovate is not to take away the old, but to bring new life to what has meant so much for so long. We desire to help bring some of our facilities up to date and be able to utilize them to reach more people for the glory of God.
We plan on focusing much of our efforts toward the most commonly used space on our property – our sanctuary.



We want to make disciples of all nations for the glory of God.  In order to do this we want to make substantial investments in our  people and ministries in order to help spread the gospel locally and globally.  Our efforts here will be focused on a new church plant, Park Place Christian Academy, and our missions fund.