Evangelize a diversity of people with the gospel

We will strive to share the good news of Jesus with people through day-long endeavors, short-term trips, mid-term stays, and long-term partnerships.


Edify the church as disciples of Christ

We will invest in others by creating and following a discipleship journey that includes next steps along the way, such as discipleship plans for new believers.


Equip leaders within the church

We will study leadership as descirbed in Scripture and raise up leaders by training parents, teachers, committee/team leaders, employees, deacons, and ministers.


Empower the church to be good stewards of God’s resources

We will provide additional focus on our financial responsibilities as a church family by eliminating current debt, planning and implementing a stewardship campaign, developing property and making necessary facility enhancements.


Expand our vision beyond ourselves

We will plan and implement a multiplication of our ministry by planting or revitalizing a church with the intent of reaching more people for the cause of Christ.