The goal of the senior adult ministry is to empower our senior adult members to continue to serve the Lord. We do this by providing opportunities for missions, ministry, worship, prayer, fellowship, spiritual growth, teaching, mentoring, and giving. Senior adults are encouraged to continue to use the gifts, wisdom, and experiences that God has given them to bring glory to God and to participate in the mission of His Church. Ultimately, our mission statement is the same as that of our church, “Park Place glorifies God by making disciples of all nations.”

Upcoming Events

January 5
Prepare Encouragement Bags for Baptist Cancer Center
10:00 am at Association Office
(Afterwards we’ll do lunch together at a local restaurant)
January 5
Domino Game Night, 6:30 pm in Boatner hall.
Bring finger foods to share
January 12
Fellowship Dinner, 6:30 pm in Boatner Hall.
The program will be provided by Jason Runnels and son.
The menu will be honey baked ham,  turnip greens, blackeye peas,  cornbread,cobbler.
Pay $8 at the door.  Sign up at the table near the elevator.

Monthly Game Night
1st Thursday of each month
Boatner Hall- 6:30 p.m.
Fun, Fellowship, Snacks, and Dominos

Monthly Meeting
2nd Thursday of each month
Boatner Hall- 6:30 p.m.
Entertainment, Worship, Fellowship, and Food

Park Place and our Senior Adult ministry partners with ministry and mission organizations around the world in order to share the gospel, share the love of Christ, and make disciples among all the nations.